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Parent Training Centers

Parent Training Centers (PTIs) are located throughout the United States and are there to help you get the services you and your family need. Please click on your region below to find the PTI in your state.


When a child has a disability the whole family is affected. Without knowing where to turn, family members may feel confused, isolated and frustrated.

We've been there. We can help!!

PEP representatives understand first-hand the frustrations and obstacles that families can encounter in trying to manage care and obtain services for their children. Building on family strengths, Nevada PEP can guide you through that maze of community programs, services and resources. PEP representatives have experience and are knowledgeable about special education laws and community services. Knowing where to turn will enable your family to enjoy the daily successes; focusing on individual achievement and abilities. PEP members create their own support group throughout the state to exchange information, share experiences, support each other and develop friendships.

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