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Idea 5 Part Training Series

Part 1 - Evaluations & RTI

Children Learning about Evaluations, Assessment and the Response to Intervention Process

Evaluation and determining eligibility are key elements in special education. This workshop provides an understanding of the Response to Intervention process and other forms of evaluation. Participants will learn about the process that determines the need for special education and related services.

Part 2 - IEP Clinic Workshop

Children in schoolKeeping it Individualized to Meet the Child’s Unique Needs

Parents are key members of their child's IEP team. This workshop includes an in-depth look at the Individualized Education Program (IEP), including how to use evaluations to write measurable goals, as well as strategies to help parents become more active participants in their child's IEP meetings.

Part 3 - Procedural Safeguards

Parents LearningCreating Opportunities for Participation

It is important for parents to understand the differences between acts or statutes, rules or regulations, and policies or guidelines. The participants will discuss the rights parents have through procedural safeguards in IDEA which provide the groundwork for parent participation and decision making that is built into special education law; and become familiar with resolution meetings, mediation and the state complaint process.

Part 4 - Behavior and Discipline in School

Parent, Teacher and studentParents and Schools Working Together

Participants will learn the components of the discipline process under IDEA and gain strategies that can help children with their behavior. Understanding Positive Behavioral Supports, Nevada's laws on Aversive Interventions, suspension and expulsion policies will give participants information on how to help children reach success.

Part 5  - Planning for Change: School to Adult Transition

College studentsTransition for Students in High School and Beyond

Both parents and students will learn an overview of the transition requirements in the IEP, including strategies they can use for effective transition planning as the students move toward college, employment, and living independently.

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