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Individual Assistance

TeensIndividual Assistance focuses around one of the two strategies of Nevada PEP, empowerment.

It continues to be our steadfast belief that parents can be the most effective advocates their children will ever need given the tools they need to do so. Even before it was politically correct, out charge was, and continues to be, to empower parents so that they are able to avail themselves and their children of the protections inherent in the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). There is certainly an advantage to understanding the language of disability law and the nuances of its interpretations.

Two points are clear to us.
1. The first is that parents care deeply about their children's education.

2. The second is that parents are, more often than not, highly capable of speaking up on behalf of their children to see that their educational needs are met.

We urge you to err on the side of caution, to follow your instincts, for sometimes a little intervention early on can do much to help your child avoid major problems down the road. Just as we believe that it is our mission to give you the knowledge you need to be confident in your work with your schools, we feel that it is the school's obligation to give our children the tools they need for success - during their "formative" years and beyond.*

Call Nevada PEP, 1-800-216-5188, to get more information about our Individual Assistance Services.

*adapted from Speak Out, Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center, Inc.