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How Nevada PEP Helps

Nevada PEP is a nonprofit organization that provides information, services and training to Nevada families of children with disabilities, including those who are at risk or who have serious emotional disturbances and their service providers.

How Nevada PEP Can Help Families

PEP staffPEP services are about empowering families to be life-long advocates for their children through education and skill building. PEP recognizes that parents are experts on their children; and must learn about disabilities, intervention needs, and how to develop a support system to meet those needs.

Over the years, not only has PEP made a difference in the individual lives of families, PEP has also made a positive impact on child and family services through community collaboration, public awareness, partnering with professionals, and system advocacy efforts.


How Is Nevada PEP Connected To The Community?

Nevada PEP supports family leadership in policy-making decisions at the local and state level to guide the development of meaningful services that are family driven. Nevada PEP believes that the community benefits when individuals with disabilities, live, learn and participate fully in their own community.


What If I Suspect My Child Has A Disability, Can Nevada PEP Help?

Yes, Nevada PEP will explain the process of getting your child tested if you should suspect a disability. Also we have a resource library available and invite parents to come in and check our books, videos and handouts.